CLIENT PROJECT: CraveOnline at PAX East for Alienware

Last weekend we attended video game extravaganza PAX East to shoot 3 pieces for CraveOnline and Alienware. Themes included an overview (above), cosplayers (below), and a feature on client sponsor Alienware (last video below). We shot over one day with a 2 man crew and turned edited v1 videos around in 2 days.


DCL provides solutions for the built environment. This includes large scale architectural signage and specialties, wayfinding systems, kiosks and interior design features. For this piece DCL provided coBRANDiT with a portfolio of photo and video assets which we incorporated into this sizzle reel for large format display at the SEGD Business of Design Summit, a CEO-level industry trade show presented by DCL.

CLIENT PARTNERSHIP: Volkswagen of America

In 2014 Volkswagen of America partnered with coBRANDiT to produce a year's worth of web content in support of their event, enthusiast, sponsorship, and motorsport initiatives (Red Bull Global Rallycross, see samples above). Year to date we have covered 20+ events and releases, with 1-3 man teams shooting video around the country and in Germany. The resulting videos have been viewed close to 1mm times and content has been re-purposed for large screen display at auto shows, as well as for instagram and internal presentations.

Highlights include GRC videos at the X-Games in Austin, as well as Seattle, NYC, LA, Charlotte, Daytona, Las Vegas, and DC. We also partially shot and edited an intro video for VW's new GRC Beetle race car...this video was picked up by Car and Driver and described as "bitchin'"...see below.

Additional projects included shooting Major League Soccer Junior Masters and USA Cycling Championship events sponsored by VW, 4 North American enthusiast events, all 4 major US auto shows, and PR pieces to support e-Golf, Golf A7 launch, and others. Thank you Volkswagen!

CLIENT PROJECT: Levelast by SoftScience

Earlier this year we produced a series of videos for footwear startup Levelast. We shot CEO John Duerden in a piece for investors and the media (above), a handful of pieces introducing the first shoe in the line to consumers as well as to retail and wholesale customers, pieces on fit and design elements, and a piece at the Miami Boat Show highlighting consumer feedback (samples below). These shoes are super comfy!

CLIENT PROJECT: Product Videos for

Over the past year we have edited over 120 product videos for display on Our client Expo Communications provides product samples to consumers in exchange for video feedback...we edit the raw results into "how-to" review videos for use on Amazon. Products have ranged from HP Chromebook computers and LG TV sets to Pampers diapers, Iams pet food, and Covergirl beauty products as seen in the sample above.

coBRANDiT developed the opening motion graphic sequence which is uniformly applied to all videos in the series.

CLIENT PROJECT: Samsung Woman of Steel

Samsung's Woman of Steel program asked consumers to nominate friends and family members as "women of steel"...strong women who deserved new Samsung kitchens. We traveled to Flint, MI to interview winner Shelly Burton and her friends.

CLIENT PROJECT: Apothic Wine, Inked Magazine

Fun piece we shot at a tattoo parlor and in the offices of Inked Magazine in NYC last month. From the video description: Apothic Wine introduces "The Rose Tattoo", our exploration of how winemaking and tattoo art have more in common than you may think. We sat down with Todd Weinberger, Creative Director for Inked Magazine, to shed some light on how choices in tattoo art and wine are both an extension of personality and lifestyle.

CLIENT PROJECT: FIAT Open Road Challenge | coBRANDiT Social Media Video


Fun project alert! The FIAT Open Road Challenge paired the leaders of #JJ (instagram's largest photo sharing community) with the new FIAT 500L. Over the course of 5 days in September the 4 #JJ photographers road tripped from Chicago to NYC with stops along the way to meet community members and take pictures. Daily challenges involved the +/- 450k member community, and one lucky community member will win a new FIAT 500L (TBA late October).

The road trip and 5 bio/announcement videos were shot by a one-man crew equipped with a C100. See the full set of 8 videos above.

CLIENT PROJECT: FIAT Snapshots Video Series | coBRANDiT Social Media Video Production

coBRANDiT has partnered with FIAT USA to produce a series of 10 "Snapshot" videos featuring FIAT fans and owners. One of the fun aspects of this project is that we were asked to develop and produce a unique title package for the series. Check it out about 20 seconds in...we put together a set, gathered talent and photographs, and shot people passing the photos around a table with a vertical jib motion. We then integrated the live video and and the FIAT logo in After Effects. Here are our fave pieces to date:

Our fourth shoot in the snapshots series features author Tony Endelman, his FIAT 500, and the landscape outside Omaha, Nebraska. After scouting locations we shot over one long day with a Red camera and a C100. The intro/title sequence was developed and produced by us in our Boston's a live jib shot with some after effects to finish. We also added motion FX to the end logo and an instagram-like effects package (color/borders) on select b-roll shots.

The story of a surfing family and their love of the FIAT 500. Shot in Dana Point, CA with C100, Red Scarlet, 60D and GoPro cameras. We also integrated provided family video and film effects.

For the inaugural video, we met with Debbie, whose late father’s affinity for the FIAT® brand inspired her to purchase a FIAT vehicle of her own. Her father’s dog tags, displayed proudly above the dash, serve as a reminder of him to her every day. Shot on the RED camera and Canon C100 on location outside Macon, Georgia.

Client Project: FIAT and JEEP at Detroit Auto Show 2013 | coBRANDiT social media video production

coBRANDiT recently traveled to the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit on behalf of FIAT and Jeep. We produced 5 videos for FIAT featuring consumer feedback on new and concept models, and 5 videos for Jeep featuring blogger brand ambassadors. Check out these 2 FIAT concepts...the Cattiva and the Tenebra...our fave Jeep vids include the Rubicon 10 year anniversary edition and the Grand Cherokee SRT (below).

Client Project: FIAT in Chicago

When the new FIAT Studio was getting ready to open in downtown Chicago, coBRANDiT took to the streets (and the subway) to get the word out and see what folks thought about the FIAT 500. This video was shot over 2 days and turned around overnight...noon delivery on day 3.

CLIENT PROJECT: Life is Good Festival | coBRANDiT Social Media Video

This past weekend coBRANDiT provided a camera crew and on-site edit staff to clothing brand Life is good and the Life is good Festival. Working over 2 days in partnership with a production team from their PR agency Weber Shandwick we turned around 6 tightly edited videos (3 per day), many within hours of being shot. Content featured scenes of family activities, performing artists such as Michael Franti and Dave Matthews, and publicity for the Life is good Playmakers. Playmakers are child care professionals who dedicate their lives to helping kids overcome poverty, violence and illness through the power of play...all festival proceeds went to support this philathropic activity.

Client Project: About ThriveHive with After Effects Animation

Cambridge start-up ThriveHive needed an introduction video that described their platform with a voice over and a client a bit of animated magic. We shot the piece, managed screen captures and voice over plus animated their logo and other visual elements. The result is a snappy 2 minute video that describes the marketing problems many small business owners face...and the ThriveHive solution.

Need your logo or other elements animated? If you have existing graphics files we can put the moves on them and make it all look sharp. Or we can start from scratch with animated text, clip art, and other elements. Get in touch!

CLIENT PROJECT: Video Series Responding to Questions | Liberty Mutual Insurance


Last holiday season coBRANDiT produced a set of videos for Liberty Mutual Insurance. Liberty Mutual solicited questions on fire safety from prominent bloggers and Facebook users and we filmed safety expert Tom Harned's response. Shot in one day at a local fire station and turned around quickly thereafter, this series provided Liberty Mutual with 19 pieces of highly personalized and relevant content without breaking the bank. It's a dominant strategy (sometimes referred to as the "Old Spice Strategy") that we are seeing employed more and more.

Does your brand have fans or followers who would like a chance to ask questions and get personalized responses? We'd be happy to discuss ways to make it happen...get in touch!

CLIENT PROJECT: Videos for Facebook App | Ram Truck Rodeo Sponsorship

As every social marketer knows Facebook apps are a big deal. Facebook terms dictate that all contest activity on a brand's page must be managed though a 3rd party app; as a result apps have become the way brands promote events, contests, and giveaways. And any good app includes video!

Recently coBRANDiT has worked on a number of app projects. Our fave example is the app. built by Ignite Social Media for Ram Truck. The app was in support of Ram's Sponsorship of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and included giveaways of Ram schwag and a sweepstakes. How did it work?

Ram set up a mechanical bull at a bar in Detroit and 19 contestants mounted up and rode...coBRANDiT was there to shoot the action. We cut all the contestant videos up into a series of 30 second pieces, complete with a timer and slo-mo instant replay...Facebook users were invited to guess the length of time each rider stayed on. Winners received Ram gear!

Check out these screen shots below of the app in action...and a sample of the video! You may actually LOL.