Pabst Blue Ribbon | Bowling Inspiration

We don't often enter contests, but when we do we win. Last December Pabst Blue Ribbon put out the call for short films promoting it's American Heritage of the categories was bowling. We pulled together a location, actors, storyboard and crew within a week and pulled off this fun piece. Guess what? We won top honors and took home a cash prize. We'll drink to that!

Our concept: Tough times at the local bowling alley for our underdog hero and his buddies…until a visit to the bar provides some inspiration. Watch out for flying bowling pins!

Watch the full video below. Produced in conjunction with @quillfilm. Wardrobe by @vivantvintage

HUBweek Highlights 2015 | Sizzle Reel

HUBweek is a celebration of the world-changing work, art and thinking being imagined and built in Greater Boston. coBRANDiT shot 25+ events in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville over 7 days...panel sessions, research labs, maker studios, public events, and more. We then cut this :90 sizzle reel to music performed by Yo Yo Ma and his ensemble as captured at the Fenway Forum opening event. Please see for more info.

Century 21 | Halloween House

Concept: When is comes to real estate, Century 21 lists the best of the best. And everybody knows the best trick-or-treat chocolate comes from the best houses. Shoot and edit, audio, music direction, color, finishing by coBRANDiT. Agency: Sleek Machine

A fun couple of pieces we pulled together for real estate firm Century 21 just before Halloween. We first shot a "teaser" at Garrison Chocolates in Rhode Island...the making of 21 ten pound chocolate bars (see the teaser here)...then we presented the chocolate to kids at a beautiful house listed by Century 21. The looks on their faces though! These chocolate bars will last them through Christmas.

Hydrocephalus Association | Vision Research

We produced this video for display at the Hydrocephalus Vision Award Dinner held in NYC, October 2015 and for use in raising public and governmental awareness of Hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a brain development condition that effects roughly 1 in 1,000 newborns; left untreated it often results in death. The Vision Award Dinner was attended by 500 medical and research professionals, NIH staff, NGO funding organizations, and Hydrocephalus patients and family members.

coBRANDiT researched the condition and interview subjects, developed a treatment, travelled to and shot in top research facilities around the country, conducted on-camera interviews, and edited the results into this short piece introducing HANDS (the Hydrocephalus Association Network for Discovery Science) and highlighting recent research into the treatment of Hydrocephalus.

Direction, production, post-production, music direction and mix, motion graphics, color by coBRANDiT.

Conan O'Brien TV and Web Spots for HUBweek

Our shoot with Conan O'Brien and Harvard professor and philosopher Michael Sandel yielded 5 funny shorts for TV and the web...see them all in the compilation above. Working with HUBweek and Bank of America, Boston agency Sleek Machine brought coBRANDiT in to shoot and edit the series which promotes The Fenway Forum, a public debate on civic moral and ethical questions. Visit to learn more.

Professor Sandel has been called "one of the most popular teachers in the world" (London Observer), his lectures on ethics and morals have been presented at TED talks, on PBS, the BBC, via Harvard's edX and in books translated into 27 languages. Conan of course needs no introduction...other than to say that over the course of an unscripted 18 minute discussion with Professor Sandel on topics such as "which is worse: cheating on your taxes, or cheating on your spouse?" he is very funny.

Microsoft | Foundry Internship Video Set

To support Microsoft's re-launch of the Foundry Internship program coBRANDiT shot a series of interviews with instructors and mentors, plus b-roll of students in action. Microsoft edited the results into a series of 6 videos embedded on the revamped site. Themes include culture, process, teamwork, impact, ownership, and a fun question about superpowers (as seen above). To view the full set in context, visit

E-Commerce Sales Videos for The Grommet

We developed and launched The Grommet's daily video program back in 2008, and we're still helping them today. The Grommet is an e-comm site and sales platform empowering "citizen commerce" and it features innovative products brought to market by inventors, importers, and creative business people with unique, new-to-market offerings.

Social media and video have been key parts of the site since launch, and we're proud to say that we've returned to The Grommet to assist their internal team with video post-production. Grommet videos consist of in-studio content shot by The Grommet team as well as company founder footage and b-roll assets typically provided by the product manufacturer...though sometimes we are called upon to shoot b-roll. Check out the example video above for a peek at how it all comes together, and check the sales page for context.

coBRANDiT has a lot of experience with e-comm and sales videos that utilize consumer content. See also our work with featuring youtube creators.

CLIENT PROJECT: Stanley Access Technologies

And now for something completely different...talking security doors! We shot this project in 4K which provided us the latitude to create all the moves in post-production. We composited together vertical and horizontal shots, animated the doors, created a new background, and provided sound design and color grade to finish them off. The end result? Four short pieces that look (and sound) unlike any security door you've met.

For the purposes of display we've strung all 4 together in this video. Enjoy!
Agency: Sleek Machine

Lamborghini | Super Trofeo Race Series

We are pleased to add Lamborghini to our automotive client list. We're providing post-production and music direction services for the Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America race series, including teaser and overview videos for six events. The events are shot with a mix of trackside cameras, Canon C300, and incredible slo-mo footage from a Phantom Flex.

Above is the overview for the first event of the season held at Laguna Seca. For more info please visit


Would you like to discuss a video project (or just say hello)?

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coBRANDiT in a nutshell...A snapshot of services:

-- High quality 2 and 3 camera video shoots (HD, with clean audio and licensed soundtracks if req'd)
-- Event coverage, product/sales shoots, studio shoots, PR initiatives (and animation, motion graphics, etc. if needed)
-- Experienced Livestream and Ustream broadcast team (including channel set-up)
-- Highly mobile and willing to travel on a moment's notice (with teams in Boston and NYC)
-- Fast turnaround of completed pieces (typically 2-4 business days, though we can do 24hrs. as well)
-- 12 years experience producing video for the social web (before YouTube! before Facebook!)
-- Reasonable production costs (especially for package deals and retainer)
-- Awesome recommendations from global brands and agencies: See LinkedIn

We are a busy video production collective headquartered in Boston, Mass. and NYC. We are always interested in talent. If you have production skillz please feel free to get in touch. For more about coB, click here.

coBRANDiT | 100 Holton Street 3 Rear | Boston, MA 02134 USA [map] | coB facebook | Google us, we're everywhere!

FIA Formula-E: Miami ePrix Electric Race Series

Check out the vibe and the race action at FIA's Formula-E Miami ePrix. Formula-E is an international series featuring fully electric Formula cars racing on city streets. Follow the series here. The series serves as test bed and platform for electric vehicle development and has attracted global sponsors.

We put this together with a mix of content partly shot by our team and partly provided by Formula-E.

CraveOnline at PAX East for Alienware

Fur covered bikini alert! We attended national video game extravaganza PAX East to shoot 3 pieces for CraveOnline and Alienware. Finished pieces include an overview (above), cosplayers, and a feature on sponsor Alienware.

We shot over one day with a 2 man crew and turned edited v1 videos around in 48 hours.


DCL provides solutions for the built environment. This includes large scale architectural signage and specialties, wayfinding systems, kiosks and interior design features. For this piece DCL provided coBRANDiT with a portfolio of photo and video assets which we incorporated into this sizzle reel for large format display at the SEGD Business of Design Summit, a CEO-level industry trade show presented by DCL.

Boston Harbor Distillery | Opening Teaser

Here's a fun piece we put together for our friends at Boston Harbor Distillery as they prepared to launch their brand. We shot on a boat! We shot while the leaves were falling! We shot in a blizzard! And we drank some great whiskey while doing it. Find BHD on the Dorchester waterfront in their super cool pre-civil war era building. For deets click here.

Volkswagen of America | Production Partnership

Major production partnership: Volkswagen of America teamed with coBRANDiT to produce a year's worth of web content in support of event, enthusiast, sponsorship, and motorsport initiatives including Red Bull Global Rallycross (see samples below). We have covered 25+ events and releases, with 1-3 man teams shooting video around the country and in Germany. The resulting videos have been viewed close to 1mm times and content has been re-purposed for large screen display at auto shows, as well as for instagram and internal presentations.

Highlights include GRC videos at the X-Games in Austin, as well as Seattle, NYC, LA, Charlotte, Daytona, Las Vegas, and DC. We also completed an intro video for VW's new GRC Beetle race car...this video was picked up by Car and Driver and described as "bitchin'"...see above.

Additional projects included shooting Major League Soccer Junior Masters and USA Cycling Championship events sponsored by VW, 4 North American enthusiast events, all 4 major US auto shows, and PR pieces to support e-Golf, Golf A7 launch, and others. Thank you Volkswagen!