Geno sat down with us for a few minutes to describe the brand ambassador and community program Brains on Fire just launched for Fiskars (the orange handled scissors people.) He provides a very nice overview of a WOM program done right, from research to launch, with transparency and ethics. Check out Fiskateers.com to see the project.

Would you like to discuss a video project (or just say hello)?

Owen Mack, Managing Director
617-823-9286 direct | owen@cobrandit.com | facebook | twitter: @cobrandit | View Owen Mack's LinkedIn profileView Owen's profile

coBRANDiT in a nutshell...A snapshot of services:
-- High quality 2 and 3 camera video shoots (HD, with clean audio and licensed soundtracks if req'd)
-- Event coverage, product/sales shoots, studio shoots, PR initiatives (and animation, motion graphics, etc. if needed)
-- Experienced Livestream and Ustream broadcast team (including channel set-up)
-- Highly mobile and willing to travel on a moment's notice (with teams in Boston and NYC)
-- Fast turnaround of completed pieces (typically 2-4 business days, though we can do 24hrs. as well)
-- 12 years experience producing video for the social web (before YouTube! before Facebook!)
-- Reasonable production costs (especially for package deals and retainer)
-- Awesome recommendations from global brands and agencies: See LinkedIn

We are a busy video production collective headquartered in Boston, Mass. and NYC. We are always interested in talent. If you have production skillz please feel free to get in touch. For more about coB, click here.

coBRANDiT | 100 Holton Street 3 Rear | Boston, MA 02134 USA [map] | coB facebook | Google us, we're everywhere!


what is the paradigma difference between classic marketing and social or wombat marketing?

i think the main difference is in recognizing the shift from interruptive marketing practices to opt-in marketing paractices, as well as the recognition that the best recommendation for a product or service comes from someone you know and trust. if you follow this belief, then you need to create marketing programs/content that generate talk, and social capital. of course, this means your product has to be authentic, and honest. your programs have to be transparent. the core difference, then, is respect for consumers.

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