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Volkswagen of America | Production Partnership

Major production partnership: Volkswagen of America teamed with Cobrandit to produce a year’s worth of web content in support of event, enthusiast, sponsorship, and motorsport initiatives including Red Bull Global Rallycross. We have covered 25+ events and releases, with 1-3 man teams shooting video around the country and in Germany. The resulting videos have been viewed close to 1mm times and content has been re-purposed for large screen display at auto shows, as well as for instagram and internal presentations.

Highlights include GRC videos at the X-Games in Austin, as well as Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Daytona, Las Vegas, and Washington, DC. We also completed an intro video for VW’s new GRC Beetle race car…this video was picked up by Car and Driver and described as “bitchin'”…see above.

Additional projects included shooting Major League Soccer Junior Masters and USA Cycling Championship events sponsored by VW, 4 North American enthusiast events, all 4 major US auto shows, and PR pieces to support e-Golf, Golf A7 launch, and others. Thank you Volkswagen!

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