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Boogarins, Tempo | Brazilian Fan Sourced Music Video

We recently worked with Other Music Recording to produce this fan-sourced music video for Boogarins. From the release announcement:

“Brazilian band Boogarins reached out to fans to help make the music video for “Tempo,” the current single from 2015’s Manual. They asked them to shoot two different ‘moods’: ‘Man’s World’ (urban life, responsibilities) and ‘Sanctuary’ (friends, nature, music, art). The band received hundreds of submissions [for incorporation] … It all goes rather nicely with Boogarins’ breezy, jazzy song.”

For Cobrandit, the challenge was: How to take hundreds of disparate shots and tie them into a meaningful, fast moving musical narrative that made sense both visually and thematically? How to unify the look taking into account varying levels of production quality, aspect ratio, and color tone? How to create bridge elements to help transition from one theme to another, or provide accent? We were also asked to incorporate “native sound” into the finished piece. Native sound refers to the audio recorded with the raw clips…in this case bits of laughter, nature sounds, traffic, jet planes. How best to do this?

Our solutions to these problems can be seen above.


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