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Client Testimonials | Small Crew, 4K Interviews

Does your company have clients who would be happy to spend half an hour in front of a camera for you? How can you capture a number of good looking testimonials without breaking the bank?


Cobrandit recently kicked off a series of client testimonials for Boston Realty Advisors…here’s the first piece. We’re shooting these with a 2 man crew, which allows us to get in and out quickly and is less disruptive to operations. During the interview we’ve got a producer throwing the questions and a camera operator shooting at 4K. If you’re only running one camera, 4K is nice because you can bump in on or apply moves to your subject in post-production and mix up your compositions without loss of resolution. It gives you some flexibility.


B-roll capture is all at 1080. With this series we’re going for a stabilized look…very limited handheld shots. One camera is on a slider and the other is mounted to a Movi M5. Static shots are great if there’s some action in them…but if not (or not much) then camera moves are critical.


That’s one of the keys to creating visual interest…keep everything moving. Mix up your moves, provide the editor with some variation, and the piece can come together fairly quickly. This first video took about 2 days of edit time.


A well equipped small crew that knows what they’re doing can shoot one of these in a few hours, which means you’ve got more budget for shooting more testimonials. Maybe you can even shoot two a day and consolidate production costs.


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