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FIAT Snapshots Video Series | Customer Storytelling

Above: The story of a surfing family and their love of the FIAT 500. Shot in Dana Point, CA with C100, Red Scarlet, and GoPro cameras. We also integrated provided family video and film effects. Cobrandit has partnered with FIAT USA to produce a series of 10 “Snapshot” videos featuring FIAT fans and owners.

One of the fun aspects of this project is that we developed and produced a motion title package to be applied to each piece….we put together a set, gathered talent and photographs, and shot people passing the photos around a table with a jib and a high def camera. We then integrated the live video and and the FIAT logo in After Effects, plus added an instagram-like effects package (color/borders) on select b-roll shots.

Check how it plays in these favorites from the series:

Our fourth shoot in the snapshots series features author Tony Endelman, his FIAT 500, and the landscape outside Omaha, Nebraska. After scouting locations we shot over one long day…great light and space!

This couple loves their FIAT 500 so much, they included it in their wedding! We got sunburned shooting this. Timothy Leary used to party down the hill from our location.

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