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Livestreaming for Dodge | Woodward Dreamcruise

Held every year in Detroit on the 3rd weekend of August, the Woodward Dreamcruise is an unofficial celebration of the American auto industry. Dodge reserved a key location at Woodward and 13 Mile featuring vintage cars, custom hot rods, new Mopar technology and various entertainments. Cobrandit was retained to provide live coverage of the event for 6 hours on Saturday afternoon.

How we did it: Camera 1 continually swept Woodward Ave, zooming in on burnouts, crazy rides, and Dodge vehicles. Camera 2 roved in the Dodge display, shooting details of the vintage cars and picking up interviews conducted by staffers of official Dodge blog Red Line Dodge. We cut between cameras and managed titles and the text crawl from a laptop nearby running Livestream’s pro studio.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.28.29 AM

Each camera utilized a Live pack which wirelessly fed the signal to livestream’s servers. We accessed the feeds through the studio interface (pictured above) which allowed us to switch between cameras, lay in titles, and pop in logos and text crawls. We also archived both feeds and had the ability to re-broadcast previous clips and pre-produced pieces. The entire production process was managed via a wireless 4G card…not really recommended (hardwired ethernet is more secure) but it works in a pinch. Dodge embedded the live broadcast in and at the top of their official blogĀ Red Line Dodge.


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