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Cobrandit is headquartered in Boston, MA and manages production services around the country and overseas.


Schlitz Chopper, Allston MA | Early Work

It’s March 2016 and we’ve just relaunched the Cobrandit site. It seems appropriate to post one of our first projects: Schlitz Chopper (circa 2002). This self-assigned piece explores our idea of “documentary advertising” for one of our favorite beers: Schlitz. We produced a series of these pieces and built a blog to serve the 240 x 180 quicktime videos. Everyone was on dial-up modems!

This work led to a write up in Inc. magazine and helped launch our business…assignments for PBR, Narragansett Brewing, Absinthe Mata Hari, Boston Harbor Distillery, and others in the beverage industry soon followed. Cheers!

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