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Schlitz 02134 | Geofenced Content Study

When you have Canon’s new 4K C200 video camera for a few extra days what do you do? Take a 6 pack of beer and some friends into an abandoned building, of course! This test piece we recently produced plays with a couple of key Cobrandit themes: beer and billboards.

BEER: Anyone who knows Cobrandit knows that we love Schlitz, “The beer that made Milwaukee famous”. It was a spec piece we made for Schlitz back in 2003 that helped launch our business (see below). We’ve since worked with PBR, Flying Dog, Narragansett, and other beverage brands…but the heart still belongs to Schlitz. Heh!

GEOTARGETING and BILLBOARDS: A concept we had c. 2003 but now much more realizable: Hyper-local ads. Let’s say you’re Schiltz beer, and you want to reach people in a given zip code. The concept is to produce a series of lifestyle and/or how-to videos featuring locals in their native habitat, doing what they do. And then displaying the results in geo-targeted online campaigns and driving analog awareness with out of home (ie billboards).

When it comes to marketing, digital and analog worlds are rapidly becoming one.┬áIt makes sense to create local campaigns with local people…and it’s now more possible than ever.


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